“For a Diverse Hungary – MPs for the LGBTQ community” is a parliamentary intergroup specifically dedicated to Hungarian LGBTQ people and human rights.

The group was formed on 11 October 2022, as a result of a nearly year-long process with civil sphere actors. Its main goal is to raise awareness of the LGBTQ community in the Hungarian Parliament and also to advocate for their fundamental rights.

The current chairman of the group is Dávid Bedő (Momentum Movement), while the members of the group's bureau are Máté Kanász-Nagy (LMP - Green Party of Hungary), Ágnes Kunhalmi (Hungarian Socialist Party), László Sebián-Petrovszki (Democratic Coalition) and Bence Tordai (Dialogue for Hungary). The bureau's main task for the 2022/2023 term is to lay the foundations for building bridges between LGBTQ policies and the political-civil sphere.

So far, twenty representatives from across five parties have joined the group, which aims to promote a Hungary and a society where LGBTQ people are not subject to systemic discrimination and where LGBTQ people can live freely without fear, violence, or harassment. The group amplifies the voices of the people represented in the group and brings their views to parliament.

Vision and goals

The Hungarian LGBTQ society has suffered a serious loss of rights in recent years due to the amendments and laws of the Fundamental Law (The Hungarian Constitution). Not only does this make life difficult for members of the Hungarian LGBTQ community, but it also reflects negatively on our country in regional, EU and international terms. In the work of the National Assembly, we are more and more often confronted with crucial issues and proposals that have so far negatively affected the LGBTQ community almost without exclusion.

The group's vision is that in order to promote LGBTQ rights in Hungary, accurate knowledge of the situation and a common, informed representation of their interests must be an important part of the work of the members of parliament who are involved in human and LGBTQ rights.

The group's objectives are:

  • To promote the dignity, equality, human rights, and social acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual and intersex (LGBTQ) people, and to combat discrimination against LGBTQ people.
  • Continuously representing the interests of LGBTQ people in the work of the National Assembly.
  • Liaising with Hungarian, EU and international LGBTQ rights activists and civil society groups.
  • Liaising with national parliamentary LGBTQ rights groups working on EU and international LGBTQ rights.
  • Drafting, advocating, and promoting initiatives, bills, proposals and amendments related to the rights of LGBTQ people on issues within the remit of the National Assembly and the Government, as well as the Parties and related entities.